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HUMAN DESIGN - PERSONALIZED Art Mandala - Custommade Art on Canvas-Print & Painted


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    Human Design -
    Personalized Mandala of your Informed BodyGraph
    as physical Original Art & Artprint in Various Custommade Options.
    Please Read Below!
    i will Create and individualise the Mandala Artwork of your chosen Element Design with your personal Astrological Data and Human Design Bodygraph resulting from your Birthdate as Informed Graphic. Also an Animated Motion Graphic with all the 5 Elements in addition.

    Please PROVIDE YOUR BIRTHDATA incl Place and Time for me to start the Visual Translation or:

    Your Birth Date and more Information about the Human Design Mechanics and deeper Understanding you can research and find at: https://www.jovianarchive.com/

    Available as Canvas Print and Energised Unique Art and Original 'Mischtechnik' Piece

    *ENERGISED here meaning that - i will give the print a spin with color and brush, Vitalising and repainting and contiuing it on 1-2-3+ color layers of Gold pigments and metallic colors, Adding effects for reflections and interaction with light from differnt perspectives. That will make the piece more alive and unique in that sense as it is than one of a kind (not just a print).

    As for - Full Energised - it's fully Painted and a Orignal on it's own, as any energised Piece receives this unique quality with every layer added.

    The difference of layers is the depths and also, how much the painting develops on to a unique painted piece, as it is a freeflowing contiuation of an 'unfinished' painting, allowing space to unfold more..as for full Energised-it is Fully Painted in depths and Aliveless as the Original, yet a little different and not reproducable.

    - Energised BASIC : Painted Highlights and Handsigned
    1-3 Layers

    - Energised PREMIUM/Full Energised: Painted Texture over Background, on Highlights, and Details
    3+ Full Depth and Shine

    Exuberant - ALl i can do to make this Piece Most Unique & Alive for You!

    Please Contact me if You have Questions and individual Requests for having your artwork made on different material etc.


    "..The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

    It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life, reducing confusion, stress and resistance. It is essentially your own navigation tool.

    About SHIPPING, according to your Country, if not within EU,
    Please verify with me about Shipping Costs according to the Size of the Art my Message, to adjust the Shipping Price. Thanks.

    (Note: No Framed art over 60cm on both sides,
    can be send to USA, it has to come in a roll)
    A framed item bigger then 60 cm, in width and length
    will cost €30,- extra in shipping
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    As i'm offering my service and coopperative in versatile ways i mostly offer my Artwork selfmade and exclusive and limited in production or as originals. So i like to keep close communication with my Customers and Appreciators. i love to sort out all questions personelly with you.
    Please ask me any questions you need to know before purchasing anything from me, so that we can agree on terms and details of the artwork you wish to buy.


    Open for Suggestions!!!

    Basically every image that you can find in my gallery at: www.chitreesign.de
    i can produce for you on demand. That way i would list it here first on your request and reserve it for you right away. Keeping it 'Etsy'