Free Flowing Intuitive Art, spiraling with a spark of Visual Alchemy .. balancing and harmonising, continuously Combining the Spaciousness in Meditation with Dancing Stillness in Motion, Reflecting Inside out.

Visual Art in Print & Painting
free flowing, energizing Cosmic Arts

Kai Ignetas aka ChiTree Kai
ChiTree Kai Ignetas is a free flowing painter and mixedmedia Visual Artist, based in Germany. His art delves into mystic realms within subtle space & the Dance of opposites in Union, inspired in Yoga.
ChiTree likens his artistic expression to a "Visual Alchemy" that is inspired by both universal and inner nature.


Focussed on creations inspired by mystic heart. Balancing inner and outer worlds through rhythmic hand of healing.

The Swing of Balance Balance and natural Expression flows in my work, complementing in transformation and continuation,..without beginning or ending, Dancing with the Mystery in Stillness & Motion

With freeflwoing Paintings, the TaiJi of spiraling Expression flows into the visualisation and moving meditation with brush on canvas, on wood or directly on the wall, following the movement of the heart guided by the inner eye, inside out to see.

"Grounded to the Earth Up liftet to the Sky in between
the Balance Swinging low and Swinging high"

Being Inspired by the Mystery of Nature, the Elements and the Way of Ever Changing Cycles, Harmonic ImperfeCtion and direct Experience through the Abstract in Balance and Vibrant Energy.

easing the formation ‘relativ by nature’ at best just letting such flow, with Suchness

with Love for all Creation
All about Balance